— July 9, 2016

Deleting Webtrends reports

This post describes the steps to take to remove Webtrends reports which are no longer required.

— November 20, 2015

Creating a Webtrends report to see daily page views over a month for a specific page

Webtrends trend reports break down monthly data by daya, but you can't see the results for a specific page without creating a…

— November 11, 2015

eLignum to become G-Cloud 7 Supplier

eLignum is to become an approved UK Government supplier under the Digital Marketplace G-Cloud 7 framework for the delivery of…

— July 30, 2014

How to insert the Webtrends tag into Drupal sites

Inserting Webtrends tags into Drupal

— April 3, 2014

Universal Analytics comes out of beta

Universal Analytics comes out of beta

— March 14, 2014

Separating the Wheat from the Semalt Chaff

So what is Semalt, and what's the problem?

— February 1, 2014

Webtrends Visitor Paradox

How can I have more visitors in a week than a month?

— January 16, 2014

Why do I appear as number 1 in Google for random queries?

The first thing to understand is that the report shows the average position that your site appeared for a particular given…

— January 16, 2014

Facebook or website, website or Facebook?

Of course the real answer to the question is to do both

— December 31, 2013

The importance of your LinkedIn photo

What is the first thing that people see on your LinkedIn profile?

— December 23, 2013

How to stay on top despite Google changes

For obvious reasons, Google doesn'€™t publish its algorithms, so you would have to spend ages scanning the net to find out what…

— December 1, 2013

More numbers, same cost - Webtrends OnDemand includes more of those "hidden extras" for free in 2014

Webtrends have just issued their new price list for 2014 and there is welcome news for those customers who have been constrained…