— November 7, 2013

Webtrends Roadmap for 2014

Yesterday I was at the Webtrends User Conference #Engage13, during which two exciting announcements were made in the keynote…

— October 30, 2013

Google Analytics is dead, all hail Universal Analytics!

Over the past year we have been working with Universal Analytics (a more advanced version of the classic Google Analytics (GA)).…

— September 23, 2013

Future looks bleak for understanding organic search as Google confirms all Searches will become secure

Two years ago Google began encrypting organic Search terms for anyone who was logged in to Google, preventing webmasters…

— August 6, 2013

Webtrends IP-less Cookie

With electronic surveillance projects like PRISM catapulting data intrusion and collection issues into the headlines, privacy is…

— July 30, 2013

Clickthroughs, Visits and Page Views in Webtrends

These 3 metrics can provide what appear to be irrational numbers, so this article explains how they are derived.

— June 21, 2013

Data is Worthless if You Don't Communicate it

A Harvard Business Review article by Tom Davenport caught my eye with this wonderful title as a neat distillation of our…

— May 10, 2013

Mobile & Social feature highly in Google Analytics' new profile filters

This reflects the increasing significance of these two areas to marketing and how important it is to be able to segment your…

— April 30, 2013

3 Sources of information about your market, category and brand

Website analytics are rather like accounting systems in that they look back at what has happened and, whilst the past can be…

— March 17, 2013

Still worried about giving visitors cookies?

Leading up to May 2012 there was a lot of confusion about the legal requirements for giving cookie to Visitors (used by almost…