More numbers, same cost - Webtrends OnDemand includes more of those "hidden extras" for free in 2014

Webtrends have just issued their new price list for 2014 and there is welcome news for those customers who have been constrained in their analysis by the cost of add-ons.
We were greatly encouraged in the recent release (V10.7) with the ability to reanalyse the data back for 3 months at no cost (not to mention how easy it is to do!).  This has always been a thorn in the side for both development, waiting to see data in that report to test it, and the users, who often request a new report because they are interested in finding out what caused an anomaly in the recent past.
The passing on to their customers of the presumed decrease in resource costs is continuing, and Webtrends have announced that OnDemand will include 100 profiles rather than the current  5 in 2014 (current customers will have to wait until renewal, although additional packs can still be purchased beforehand).  This will enable many customers to segment their data far more than they do currently and set up profiles to get all their reports by e.g. area of the site, so that each of the Webtrends Report Viewers will be able to see their reports based on just their own data rather than having to make educated guesses on e.g. the number of Visitors to their area of responsibility.
Other announcements include unlimited Custom Reports - also welcome since the arrival of all the V10 ones.
So, as we move into December and start preparing for next year, think about what you can use all those extra profiles for next year...!Set of exploded 3d numbers