Animal Friends Case Study

Animal Friends was founded in 1998 and provides a range of ethical pet insurance policies. The majority of its insurance business is generated online and promoted through creative, multi-channel marketing campaigns. 


  • The web tracking tool they were using could not provide the in-depth data that they needed to track the business or pinpoint sales
  • With the growth of social media marketing, Animal Friends needed to track consumer behaviour on Facebook ,Twitter and YouTube


To find a cost-effective web analytics system that could also measure social media marketing and that could be tailored to provide customised reports to meet specific business requirements. Following a market review of the solutions available it was decided that Webtrends provided the best solution for their needs.  


With the implementation of Webtrends and the on-going support from the consultants at eLignum, Animal Friends can now:

  • Identify exactly what is affecting sales on a day to day basis by comparing Webtrends reports with sales reports to see where shift patterns occur and why
  • Track PPC campaigns which have unique campaign IDs to see which groups perform the best
  • Use the Webtrends and aggregator reports to better define where business is coming from and get an overview of where the visitor drop off occurs
  • Use the Webtrends’ advanced reporting system to better understand consumer behaviour by analysing the flow through the quote process and conversion rates to see where people are exiting and re-joining the process

With the level of detail and analysis provided by Webtrends, Animal Friends is able to make business and process changes, which makes it easier and clearer for customers to be retained for longer.In the future they expect to see more benefits from using this sophisticated tracking solution.