Plymouth University Case Study

Plymouth University has a hugely diverse range of audiences, from current and prospective students and staff, to alumni, business partners and other research organisations. As a Microsoft SharePoint user, the University now uses Webtrends to analyse activity on its main site in order to maximise the effectiveness of campaigns and other targeted online communications. 

Initial challenge

  • To make more intelligent use of technology to maximise online investment
  • To be cutting edge, not catching up.


  • To implement an initial simple pilot on a section of the website to ascertain precise business requirements.
  • Customisable user access levels set up and support desk on hand to guide and support users.
  • Specific tailored tracking and reporting developed to measure effectiveness of individual campaigns such as registrations for an open day or downloads of a prospectus.
  • Reports set up on discrete sections of the website, such as individual faculties, schools or other organisational units, as well as on subject areas, such as business or medicine.

Marketing and communications and other staff are able to track a campaign in its entirety and use the data from Webtrends to ensure that succeeding campaigns reach their target audiences even more effectively.


Plymouth University has planned further development phases embracing social media statistics and segmentation by demographic to identify undergraduate, post-graduate, alumni and other groups. Plans are underway to analyse how visitors to the website engage with video, a real-time chat functionality is in the pipeline and there are plans to include Webtrends reporting on the university Intranet.