Google's Universal Analytics for SharePoint

With the release of Universal Analytics Google finally has a free solution that can tell you what is working and what isn't in your SharePoint Intranet.

"Organisations with high levels of employee engagement outperform the earnings of peers by 57%”

Source: Gartner Research, Reach Peak Performance Through Employee Engagement, Otter 2012
So, you have made a heavy investment in providing a platform to streamline communication in your organisation and improve employee engagement. Shouldn't you be evaluating the effectiveness of your design, navigation, usage and content?

Your Tailored Solution

It can be relatively trivial to add Google Analytics to your SharePoint site, but will it give you the answers you are looking for? Typically, no, the out-the-box solution provides very little actionable insight as it is simply not tailored to your specific needs. So adding the Google Analytics code to your SharePoint site is merely the start of your journey to improving employee engagement. eLignum help you take the next step. To find out more, contact us today!

Choose eLignum

At eLignum we go beyond the basics – Here’s how we work
  • We talk to you to understand your specific business requirements
  • We understand and agree your reporting needs
  • We prepare a technical solution & provide guidance on implementation
  • We configure your analytics account to provide the agreed reporting
  • We test & deliver the final product
  • We provide ongoing guidance and support

Affordable Solutions

Google’s Universal Analytics implemented on a SharePoint site by eLignum provides an astonishingly affordable way to implement enterprise class analytics. Contact us for prices and deals.

Technical Solutions

Technical problem solving is our specialty. So if you need custom reporting or custom implementations, we can provide the solution. Contact us with your requirements for a free appraisal.