Video Analytics

You probably already know how many people started watching that video, but did they watch it to the end or did they drop out part way through – and if so, where? eLignum Video Analytics records multiple events whilst the video is playing, at a granularity set by you, so you can see what percentage of Visitors are still watching at 10%, 20% etc. or at 1%, 2% if it is that important to you:


The report above even shows you where people have fast forwarded and started watching again!

Many other standard events are also captured, including:

  •     Start
  •     Pause
  •     Replay
  •     Fullscreen
  •     Completion

If you wish, you can extend the reporting for any of the above to segment by Category, Sub-category or Type.

Finally, streaming video has its own challenges as:

  •         We cannot know when we are at 10%
  •         People may start part way through
  •         Visitors can be in different time zones, so we cannot use the time on their device

To cater for this, we allow you to choose to send events after a specific time instead; e.g. 1 minute, 5 minutes, depending on how long you think the streaming will last.

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