Webtrends App

eLignum App for Webtrends Analytics OnDemand


Some while ago, Webtrends produced an app to pull data from Webtrends Analytics accounts and display it on tablets / smartphones.  However, this was eventually withdrawn and no longer appears in the Apple Store. eLignum have considerable experience of producing dashboards and had a number of customers that expressed an interest in viewing their key metrics on the move so we have developed a basic app to demonstrate the potential based on Webtrends users own data.  The app is available on both Apple and Android platforms and is free! 


Having downloaded the app, you are asked to login to Webtrends OnDemand using your normal details and then pick a profile.  Note that this is a one-off process (those Webtrends passwords are a devil to remember!). Also, in this free version, once you have picked the profile it cannot be changed.  However, the App has been designed to make it easy to use this same dropdown to allow selection at any time.  We are considering building a Premium version which will include this functionality or, of course, we can build you a customised version, starting from as little as £2,000!  Contact us for more details. Once in, select “Reports” to see the metrics for your chosen profile.  The following are available (if in your selected profile):

  • Profile summary
  • Traffic Sources
  • Search: Engines
  • Geo: Countries
  • Site Pages
  • Content Groups
  • Onsite Searches
  • Mobile: Devices

We hope that this is a useful demonstration of what can be achieved and would love to hear from you with your feedback. Happy analysing!