Webtrends Dashboards

Webtrends V10 Page Dashboard

A dashboard is a collection of reports at the summary level providing you with an overview of what is happening, usually on a single page. In Webtrends OnPremises (V9) there are a number out-of-the-box dashboards and you can build your own by selecting from a dropdown list of the reports available.  Typically they show the Top 5 entities (e.g. Pages, Referrers or Campaigns) from each underlying report. Webtrends OnDemand (V10) has a number of reports that are a dashboard in themselves.  As well as the overview to start with, clicking on one of the Page links gives you a great insight into the metrics for that specific URL.

However, you can also easily pull your web analytics metrics from either version using the REST URLs into a dashboard of your own choosing outside Webtrends.  These dashboards can be Excel or one of a number of other dashboard products that can pull in data via the API. As an example, see this GeckoBoard produced for one of our customers (Plymouth University (data based on sample data):

Plymouth University Webtrends Dashboard

More than one of our customers use Webtrends to understand Intranet usage.  When there are many content owners, what better way to deliver metrics on how specific content is performing than an intranet page linked to the Authenticated Username showing the stats relevant to that particular user! Finally, you could create an app!  We have built a very simple one just to demonstrate the principles and it is available from both the Apple Store and Google Play (Webtrends App). If you want any help with dashboards or apps, please Contact Us