My page appears multiple times in the same report

We have seen this happen for two main reasons:

  1.  The domain is different e.g.
  2. The URL is different e.g.

We have seen this latter occur from the Results page following a search, where the internal search engine provided completely meaningless URLs, but took you to the same page regardless.

We even had one customer who had a combination of both of the above, so every page appeared in the Pages report 4 times (2 different domains x 2 different pages names dependent on navigation)!

Obviously this made it very difficult to determine which pages were actually viewed the most. However, if you use Webtrends tagging, this problem can be overcome because you can override what Webtrends thinks is in the address bar by setting parameters (how else!).

In the first case above, setting DCS.dcssip to “” in the meta data in every page will result in Webtrends overwriting the domain.  In the second case, setting DCS.dcsuri to “Webtrends-Consultancy” would mean that the “” page would dissappear and 
Webtrends would amalgamate its traffic with the more sensibly named one! 

N.B.  These are known as “SDC Override parameters” and there are others available – see the Webtrends Query Parameter reference guide for more details.