Pulling Webtrends data into Excel using REST URLs

With Webtrends OnDemand and the latest release of Webtrends OnPremises, you can now get your reports where you want them through “web services” without having to use the Webtrends interface at all. You do this by generating a “REST URL” which links to the data you want.

Sounds difficult?  Don’t worry – Webtrends have provided a way of building it for you!

  1. Login to the REST URL generator at https://generator.webtrends.com/ with your usual Webtrends details.  N.B.  there is a “Remember me” check box which you may find useful if you are going to be doing this more than once.
  2. Normally you will want to use the Method “Get Report Data”, which is the default, and you will need to select the Profile and Report containing the data you require.
  3. Choose the time period and granularity of the data you want.  Note that choosing the “Last” or “Relative” time period option means that you won’t have to keep changing it each week, month because it will work it out itself.
  4. Having selected the report in step 2, you will see the available measures appear for it.  Pick just the ones that you want by unchecking the others (the default is that you get “All”) and you can also pick one by which to sort the results.
  5. There are more advanced options available (see below), but often this will be sufficient, so click on the “REST URL” created and copy the link.
  6. Open Excel, click on “From Web” in the “Data” tab and paste the URL you have just copied.
  7. Enter your Webtrends login details, noting that the first field consists of both your account name and username, with a backslash (“\”) between them.  Again – you may wish to check the “Remember my credentials” box!
  8. Check that the data returned to the browser window is what you want and either change the URL or click the “Import” button to pull it into Excel.  Note that it requires you to authenticate again (for the last time!) and allows you to choose where you want to put the data.
  9. Format /graph the data in a separate sheet to preserve the look and feel when you refresh the data.

That’s it!

Next month, click on “Refresh Data” in the Data tab in Excel and it will go and get the data without you even needing to re-enter your login details (as long as you are still on the same computer).

So that dashboard that takes hours (or days!) to produce every month can now be done with just a couple of clicks and you can sit back and enjoy your REST!