Facebook Insights Training

Building a compelling Facebook fan page and creating consistent engagement is difficult enough, but when it comes to understanding what it is that your fans are consuming, engaging with and sharing it is a whole other ball game. Facebook metrics can be overwhelming and some of the Facebook Insights terminology confusing for marketers who may not be sure about what they should be measuring on their company or brand page. This is where eLignum can help. Our half day Facebook Insights training course will ensure that you cut through the clutter and really understand which social media metrics are the most important for your business. Our specialist course can be tailored to your specific requirements and will cover areas such as:

  • Understanding how Facebook tracks information about people interacting with your Facebook Page and branded content 
  • Understanding how to set clear and measurable goals
  • Learning about who sees your posts, how EdgeRank makes a difference and how to post effectively
  • Learning what the numbers mean, how to respond to them, and why measuring your performance matters
  • Discovering how to incorporate Facebook knowledge into your marketing strategy

For more information on how eLignum can help with your Facebook Insights training requirements please contact us