Webtrends Roadmap for 2014

Yesterday I was at the Webtrends User Conference #Engage13, during which two exciting announcements were made in the keynote speeches that indicate the direction for Webtrends over the coming year:

Webtrends Explore

This has been a front end to the Data Warehouse (or Visitor Data Mart as it was renamed) for some time and allows users to slice and dice the granular level.  Effectively it is like having the functionality of a massive Excel pivot table on a database containing every hit.

So, nothing new there, you say!  But the big announcement is that this functionality is coming to Analytics next year.  No longer will we have those table size limits restricting the number of Pages that we can see or having users complain that they can’t see their new Page because it keeps being deleted off the end of the table.

All data restrictions are going away to create “Webtrends Unlimited”!  What is more, Bruce Kenny (EVP of Products, Webtrends) said that this would be free for Webtrends OnDemand Analytics users.  I look forward to the presentations appearing online to check that I heard that one right as it could have massive implications for customers with large number of profiles (that may not be required any longer?) or the VDM where it is used simply as a staging database to get the data captured by Webtrends into their Enterprise Data Warehouse.

One of the key advantages of Webtrends over Google Analytics has been the ability to capture many different metrics and create a wide variety of custom reports based on them.  This advantage has been eroded significantly by Universal Analytics which will become ubiquitous (see more at http://elignum.co.uk/google-analytics-is-dead-all-hail-universal-analytics), however the power of Explore will take Webtrends to a new level in terms of being able to get exactly the data you want at any level of granularity without having to build new custom reports and reanalyse data.

Webtrends Lifetime Streams

At last year’s Engage conference, I sat and watched the demonstration of Streams and thought “what a beautiful visualisation of real-time data – there is a solution looking for a problem”.

However, this year, it became clear that there is at least one scenario where Streams fits and that is where basket abandoners can be emailed immediately, where “immediately” can be not just after the usual 30 minutes of inactivity defining the end of the session, but could be, say, 15 minutes after they look at a specific page, significantly improving conversion.

This happens through the Action Centre (https://help.webtrends.com/legacy/en/actioncenter/) which now has a Universal link in addition to the pre-integrated ones with specific email service providers, this means that you can now take the data and feed it anywhere you want in real-time.

Finally, the announcement of Lifetime Streams means that additional information on the Visitor such as a Webtrends Segment or Lifetime Value can be added to the event data and be available within those same milliseconds as before, enabling additional filtering to take place before deciding what action to take.

All in all, I left feeling that Webtrends have moved forwards again significantly in the Analytics Arena – excelling at collecting the data and making it available to their customers to use in whatever way suits them best…