Universal Analytics comes out of beta

They waited until 2nd April (so that no one thought it was an April Fool?), but Google’s Universal Analytics (the replacement to Google Analytics(GA)) has finally come out of beta.  It now includes all the features that were only previously in GA:

  • Remarketing – that Google AdWords facility that appears to follow you round the internet putting up adverts for something you have (once) expressed an interest in
  • Audience Reporting a segmentation by both demographics (age and gender) and interest, so that you can see whether or not your visitors fit your target audience

(N.B.  To obtain these reports you need to make a one line change to your tracking code and enable the option in Analytics).

  • There is the ability to assign a User Id to a visitor and track via that rather than by cookie (again minor tweaking required!).  This is great for any site where people log on e.g. Intranets, Extranets and shopping carts.  Included is even a new report which shows how the same people use different devices:
Universal Analytic's Device Overlap Visualisation.PNG
  • Finally, they have admitted that there are time zones other than Pacific Standard Time!  If, like us, you get regular reports emailed to you, they should arrive in a more timely manner.

So, the time for procrastination is over and you should now upgrade if you haven’t already!