The importance of your LinkedIn photo

What is the first thing that people see on your LinkedIn profile? … Your photo. I am constantly amazed at the number of people that haven’t uploaded their photo – how can contacts be sure it is you?  Sadly many potential connections will be lost because they won’t be willing to invest more than a few seconds in identifying the right “Fred Bloggs”. What should your LinkedIn profile photo look like? Many years ago I had a colleague who desperately wanted to work at one of the top Strategy Consultancies.  At the end of the day he stood outside their office watching them all leave and noting what they wore so that, when he went for an interview, he would be able to dress the part.  The finishing touch was buying a pair of glasses that he didn’t need because they made him look more intellectual and most of them wore them!  Did he get the job?  Of course he did! So, whenever you go to a job interview or a sales meeting, you should dress appropriately and your photo must reflect that same person.   If your LinkedIn profile still has an avatar or you are using a Facebook picture taken at a party then get a proper one up there – NOW!