Are your tags correct?

Have confidence in your data!

In today’s competitive environment, ensuring the accuracy of the data you use is vital to enabling fact based decision making. So, as your digital marketing presence expands and becomes more relevant to customers in today’s fast moving world, you cannot afford to make decisions based on out-of-date or incorrect analysis.

The eLignum Data Quality Audit provides a comprehensive assessment of all the tags on your site, so you can be assured of your tag deployment – a process that can save your business hundreds of hours of lost productivity. Each audit includes identification of missing and impotent tags as well as recommendations to help you resolve any problems and regain control over the accuracy of your data.

What we deliver:

Comprehensive audit of tag deployment:

  • Tag versions
  • Missing tags
  • Tag placement
  • Duplicate tags
  • Meta tags
  • Page load times
  • Verification of parameters

Expert Assessment & Recommendations:

  •  Analysis and review of results by an eLignum consultant
  •  Summary report
  •  Conference call reviewing results

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