Google Analytics Consultancy

Google Analytics (GA) offers a very robust set of tools to help you understand what is really going on with your website, but what does the data really mean in terms of ROI and business success?

At eLignum we are seeing more and more companies aggressively using Google Analytics to achieve better results, lower their marketing costs and increase their return on business investment. If you feel you are not squeezing the most from your GA package or are unsure what the metrics actually signify then our highly experienced consultants may be able to help:
  • Setup. We can assist you with everything from basic setup to advanced event tracking.
  • Track advertising ROI. We can help you correctly track, analyse and monitor Google Analytics reports that will show you exactly which ads and keywords are bringing you sales.
  • Conversions. We can use Google Analytics to identify strategies you can use to increase your website conversion rate.
  • Traffic. We can help you use Google Analytics to find opportunities to increase traffic.
  • Smarter decisions. Our Google Analytics consultants can help setup, collect and interpret your analytics data in an easy-to-use format so you can make smart, informed business decisions.
For a customised Google Analytics consultancy quote regarding your specific project or requirement please contact us.