Make SME Marketing work for you

There are many ways of marketing your products and services, but all have costs in terms of time, money or both.

If you think that

“half my marketing budget is a waste of money, but I don’t know which half”

applies to you and your business, then we can help you to identify what is working and what isn’t.  This knowledge will enable you to direct your budget towards the most effective channels and tweak campaigns to get the best response.

As an example, we are often told that Pay Per Click (PPC) is ineffective and loses money, but the reasons are invariably because:

  • the website is not set up to attribute revenue to specific keywords and campaigns
  • insufficient time is spent excluding non-performing keywords
  • the journey from clickthrough to landing page to successful conversion is not seamless
Make SME Marketing Work for you

By clearly identifying areas of improvement, we are able to offer specific advice to our SME customers regarding all their marketing activities.  This advice is based on the facts behind what is working and is continuously tested so that they can see for themselves whether or not it is valid.We will perform a free initial assessment of the analytics on your site and campaigns directing traffic to it to give you the confidence that improvements can be made.  We will then provide a proposal to:

  • ensure that you are capturing all the management data you need to start with
  • work with you on a monthly basis, making specific, measurable, actionable recommendations to improve your business

See Deliverables for SMEs for more detail of the information you should have and contact us to arrange your free initial assessment.