Social Analytics Consultancy

The growth of social media continues apace but while many companies are investing heavily in their social marketing activities few have taken the time to create strategic plans for measuring this investment.  In many cases social analytics are an afterthought and costly initiatives launch without adequate measures of success in place.
eLignum has taken our significant experience in measuring and analysing online properties and applied it to the spectrum of social media.  Our consultants can work with you and your team to put in place social metrics and help you understand what ROI you can achieve from your social media investments.
Social Analytics Consultancy
Areas we cover include:
  • Alignment of corporate objectives and social media measures of success
  • Tying the use of Social Media to business outcomes
  • Recommendations for tools to perform social media data analysis
  • Helping you get a consistent analytical approach
  • User training on the use and value of social media metrics
Regardless of whether you are focused on Facebook, Twitter or something completely new in the social media arena, eLignum’s experienced consultants can help you establish a program for social media analytics that is right for your business.
To find out more about how eLignum can help with your social analytics consultancy contact us.