Webtrends Consultancy

As a Webtrends Value Added Reseller and accredited partner, eLignum has a team of Webtrends accredited consultants experienced in all aspects of Webtrends consultancy from website to Facebook to mobile. Webtrends is a great alternative to Google Analytics, especially for large companies who may require real-time analytics, however nearly 90% of companies who use Webtrends are not utilising it to its full potential.
eLignum Webtrends consultants will work with you to ensure you get the most from your Webtrends package including :
  • Reviewing your goals and business requirements
  • Helping you set up proper Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Customising your dashboard
  • Setting up your management reporting structure to measure, analyse, and optimise all online initiatives across multiple marketing channels
Current eLignum Webtrends consultancy customers include those with Webtrends OnDemandSharePoint IntranetSharePoint Internet and Webtrends OnPremises implementations.
For a customised Webtrends Analytics consultancy quote regarding your specific project or requirement please contact us.