Creating a Webtrends report to see daily page views over a month for a specific page

Webtrends trend reports break down monthly data by daya, but you can’t see the results for a specific page without creating a custom report.

Having seen this request twice in a couple of months I thought I would share how to do it!

Unfortunately it is necessary to create a custom report as the trend reports available don’t break the metrics down by page.

Create the report with:

Dimensions: Pages, Time Period
Measures: Page Views, Visits, View Time, avg. View Time (calculation)

It isn’t perfect but at least you get the information.

Webtrends report Pages by Day

Problems are:

  • because the dimension is “Time period”, you have to select a specific month to get the days, (selecting e.g. 2015 gives you the data by month instead)
  • the order of the time period is not by day, but by the number of page views (or visits etc.) so you have to extract the report and reorder it
  • depending on the number of pages you have, you may exceed the report limits.  If this happens you would need to do one of the following:
    • increase the table limits
    • segment the site areas into different profiles (my client had already done that for other reasons)
    • add a Filter to the report for specific pages (if you are only interested in some of them)

P.S. If you can find a way to improve this, please share!

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