How to stay on top despite Google changes

It is nearly the end of the year and a time to reflect on the whole menagerie of Google changes from Pandas through Penguins to Hummingbirds!  To a greater or lesser extent, these have had an effect on the rankings of your pages and leads us to ask the question – how can we keep up? For obvious reasons, Google doesn’t publish its algorithms, so you would have to spend ages scanning the net to find out what the gurus think.  This is fine for the professionals, but for the average business, which just wants to blog or create some additional pages it is far too time consuming.  That is where getting into the head of Google comes into its own! At its heart Google is a Search Engine.  If a “better” search engine came out tomorrow, we would all start using it and Google’s business would disappear overnight.  This is why they are constantly striving to improve – they need to stay ahead of the pack. Therefore the page at the top of the rankings is the one Google believes best fits what was being searched for.  After all, if they don’t do that, someone else will!  So, we need to make sure that Google thinks our page is the best. That is why “Content is King”.  Read what is on your page dispassionately.  Do you still think those pages that are beating yours in the rankings seem to answer the searcher’s question better than yours?  If not, then improving your copy is the first place to start. So, how do we keep up with the raft of new animals Google will introduce next year?  Answer: Think like Google; “if I am a robot reading this page am I going to think it perfectly suits what my prospective visitor is going to want to read?”. I don’t know what further changes are coming down the line, but I do know what they will be trying to achieve, so if we align our goals with Google’s and try and achieve the same thing then everybody will be happy!

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