Google Analytics

If you are looking to introduce Web Analytics for the first time or have an existing analytics package but are not utilising it fully, Google Analytics (GA) and eLignum may be the solution. GA offers an effective and intuitive method of tracking and presenting the information you need to develop a coherent fact based strategy for your business & website property. Here are the top ten reasons you might want to opt for GA:

  • It is free to implement. 
  • It is easy to implement (In order to set up and maintain your tags, you may wish to use Tag Management or have eLignum do this for you).
  • Enables benchmarking & decision making 
  • Allows optimisation of marketing strategies & campaigns using email, search, Adwords, social or affiliates 
  • Enables ecommerce tracking – both revenue and other transaction information 
  • Provides information on optimising your site for mobile 
  • Provides information on visitors arriving from social media 
  • Can help to improve the customer experience and increase conversions.
  • Allows you to use trend data to aid planning and help predict future traffic and sales.
  • Enables you to set up standard or custom alerts, based on your web data

At eLignum our consultancy and training services can help you to get the most from your Google Analytics reporting. You may have some of these skills already, but eLignum can fill in the gaps caused by a lack of resource in both the short and long term, whether caused by time pressure or experience. We can:

  • Understand your business requirements and provide solutions
  • Produce Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that are actionable
  • Translate those KPIs into metrics that can be obtained from your website
  • Provide specifications to your web developers or Tag Manager to capture those metrics
  • Build and test relevant reports in the analytics package
  • Help you to understand what the reports are telling you so that you can confidently take those decisions that will drive improvement

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