Webtrends is a digital analytics package that reports across all channels.  Starting from a background of web analytics, the technology has moved on to include:

  •     Mobile websites and apps
  •     Social Media assets such as Facebook and Twitter

Anything that can be programmed can be measured and reported on, so you have the information to take actionable decisions.  All the data is yours and the same data collection services may be used to populate a data warehouse holding the information at the most granular level so that you can personalise your website and/or emails based on Visitor’s interests.  Alternatively, the reports can be easily extracted using web services for use in Dashboards, pulling the data from Webtrends so that users can work with a familiar interface, such as Excel, and bring data from multiple sources into one place.

eLignum is a Webtrends Value Added Reseller with a team of consultants experienced in all aspects of Webtrends implementation from initial Business Requirements gathering through implementation to training users in the use of reports.

Current customers include those with Webtrends OnDemand, SharePoint Intranet, SharePoint Internet and Webtrends OnPremises implementations.