Webtrends Technical Training

A three or one day course which will enable you to create reports and configure the look and feel of these reports to suit you and your users.

Webtrends for Administrators (3 days)

  • Create profiles, data sources, templates, and dashboards
  • Understand tag and parameters
  • Create hit and visit filters to segment traffic
  • Understand the purpose of the dcsMultiTrack / multiTrack  function
  • Implement basic campaign reporting
  • Set up a scenario analysis to measure website conversion rates
  • Implement paid search tracking
  • Set up user rights, permissions, and roles

Webtrends advanced reporting (1 day)

  • Use Webtrends REST API for data extractions
  • Design and create custom reports
  • Use custom report filters to segment traffic
  • Create custom components such as dimensions and measures
  • Understand lookup tables and how to implement them
  • Implement advanced campaign and product reporting
  • Design and create drilldown reports

For more information on how eLignum can help you with Webtrends Technical Training please contact us.